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Unlimited Obedience

Dog Training

at it's best


Classes Start

Beginning Obedience June 24th @ 7p

Intermediate June 25th Tuesday @ 7p
Rally June 26th @ 7p

Beginning Obedience July 11th @ 7p

15 Dogs per class.

At Unlimited Obedience our goal is to teach K-9 owners how to train their dogs to be a Canine Good Citizen and to perform basic Obedience commands

(Heel, Sit, Down, Stay & Come)

to use around their home, in public, and on vacation. All while building a better understanding of your

K-9 companion.

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Beginning Obedience
Monday or Thursday

Your K-9 will learn the basic commands of 

Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel.

Classes are open to all breeds and sizes that are 3 months of age or older.


Class Size Limited To 15 Dogs 

$100.00 for 5 week session

1 day a week, 1 hour per Class

Intermediate Obedience

You and your K-9 will learn how to work on & off leash around other dogs and people.

They will also learn the

10 steps for the

Canine Good Citizen

Class Size Limited To 15 Dogs

$100.00 for 5 week session
1 night a week, 1 hour a night

Agility Wednesdays
8a-9a / 9a-10a /10a-11a
4p-5p / 5p-6p / 6p-7p


Teach your dog how to run an agility course for competition

or just to keep them healthy.

Class Size Limited To 5 Dogs





Learn how to read and perform the Rally signs for competition or just for fun

Class Size Limited To 15 Dogs

Rally Obedience 


$100.00 for 5 week session

1 day a week, 1 hour per class

9a to an Hour or more
Canine Good Citizen
Community Canine
Urban Canine Good Citizen
Trick Dog
AKC Evaluator - # 36317

4 Week Course
Class will meet at different Places for 3 of the weeks

You will learn the 10 steps of the CGC training.

1. Accepting a friendly stranger.

2. Sitting politely for petting. 

3. Appearance and grooming.

4. Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead).

5. Walking through a crowd.

6. Sit and down on command and staying in place.

7. Coming when called.

8. Reaction to another dog.

9. Reaction to distraction.

10. Supervised separation.

Classes are open to all breeds and sizes that are
4 months of age or older and have had an Intermediate Obedience Class.


Class Size Limited To 10 Dogs 


$100.00 for 4 weeks

CGC  Class.jpg
CGC Evaluations
AKC - Canine Good Citizen

AKC - Community Canine
AKC - Urban Canine Good Citizen
AKC Evaluator - # 36317


Family Dog Programs



AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

AKC Community Canine (CGCA)
AKC Urban (CGCU) 


 Teaching basic skills such as sit, down, stay & come, then build on these skills as dogs move from one activity to the next.
The result is a dog that any owner can be proud to take into the community.

Call for Appointments

$15.00 Per Test

Trick Dog Evaluations
Novice Trick Dog (TKN)
 Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI)
Advanced Trick Dog (TKA)
Trick Dog Performer (TKP)
AKC Evaluator - # 36317

Do you and your dog love to be the life of the party,

by showing off his arsenal of tricks?
Then he/she might be perfectly primed to earn
AKC Trick Dog titles!

There are five AKC Trick Titles.

Call for Appointments

$15.00 Per Test

Private Lessons

Don't feel you are ready for a class or group setting.

Then try our private lessons that are

one on one.

You will learn everything that is taught in the Beginning classes and more.

We also use our dogs to help socialize and teach yours to be calm around other dogs.

Call for Appointments


$60.00 Per Hour

Our Kids


Robert Livell
ASCA Obedience Judge #4622

AKC Family Dog Evaluator #36317
AKC Temperament Test Evaluator#107549
AKC Farm Dog Evaluator #107549
AKC Fetch Judge #107549

AKC Fit Dog Club

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